My Story 

A friend of mine suggested I create this blog for therapeutic reasons. She says it will help me get through the rough time I’ve been having. It never hurts to talk about your problems, you might even find someone who can relate. I’ve been addicted to sleeping pill 10 years, My ten year sleep is  basically what it really was.

In 2006 I started working a  3rd shift job. To help me sleep in the day time I started taking a couple Tylenol PM each morning after my shift.  Soon two would no longer work, so it became four pills a day. After taking them for about two months I decided to stop, thinking I could sleep on my mine. That did not happen however, I stayed awake for 3 days straight. Back on the sleeping pills I went. Pretty soon it was ten years later and I was taking 30 to 40 pills a day. Going through 4 to 5  pill bottles a week. One day I looked at my life and decided that this was not the life I wanted, this was not the person I wanted to be. The years I wasted away sleeping, time I can never get back. When I look at my life now I can not  help  but be filled with regret and sadness. My siblings and friends have all started families and careers, they’ve LIVED. I’m 33 years old, living with parents, working a dead end retail job, with no kids, boyfriend or prospects. Why  because it was easier for me to sleep then it was to live. I wanted what they had but I was terrified of having it at the same time. I was afraid to live.


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