Rebound Insomnia…

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Rebound insomnia can occur when you abruptly  stop taking sleeping pills and can be worse then regular insomnia. You have trouble getting to and staying asleep. Essentially your body has become dependent on the sleeping pills to put you to sleep, instead of relying on the chemicals in your body that will naturally cause sleep. Very Well has a great article on Rebound Insomnia if you are interested in knowing more about it. It is recommend that to avoid Rebound Insomnia you and your doctor should wean yourself off sleeping pills. 

I would highly recommend that if you can wean yourself off that you do so. I tried to wean myself off but I realized that I couldn’t. My exact words to a friend of mine was “  I know myself, I’m not going to stop like this. I will just stop weaning myself off and go back to taking my regular dose. If I really want to stop then I will just have to stop.” That’s how I stopped, I put all my sleeping pills in the trash and took them to the dumpster. I live the country there is no trash pick up, we have to take it to a local waste collection center. Which I did that day because I know if I didn’t get it out of my house, I would have dug through my trash the moment I couldn’t sleep. I wanted the temptation away from me. Thankfully my Rebound Insomnia only lasted about nine days, the last two nights were the first nights I have slept more the 3 hours.  The night I quit I didn’t sleep at all I was just super wide awake, work was real fun the next day! By the second night I was able to sleep about two or three hours, but the fatigue I was feeling was  killing me. I hate to be so sleepy but can’t sleep, makes you feel like your slowly going insane.   

Despite not sleeping  very much lately I’ve never before felt so awake, so aware. I lived with the day after grogginess and the brain lag for so long, it was  normal for me. Now I feel like I am truly awake, more awake then I felt in 10 years. The thick fog I lived under has slowly lifted and I can see things around me clearly, the world looks shiney and new. It’s an indescribable feeling, it’s amazing! It’s one of the greatest feeling I have ever felt, it’s better than any high I have ever had. Because me, it’s mine, it’s all mine not some artificial chemically induced brain fog. It’s just me and that is a wonderful feeling!

No matter what you are addicted to, I hope that you have the opportunity to feel this way, to see world this way, to feel something that’s all yours.


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