Rebound Insomnia…

source of picture Rebound insomnia can occur when you abruptly  stop taking sleeping pills and can be worse then regular insomnia. You have trouble getting to and staying asleep. Essentially your body has become dependent on the sleeping pills to put you to sleep, instead of relying on the chemicals in your body that will … Continue reading Rebound Insomnia…


Diphenhydramine – My Addiction

 I'm addicted to diphenhydramine.  Diphenhydramine is a first generation antihistamine that is mainly found in allergy medication but it is also used for motion sickness, the common cold, nausea, insomnia and  tremors from Parkinsonism. It is found in over the counter sleeping pills because diphenhydramine has a side effect of causing drowsiness.   Before this, … Continue reading Diphenhydramine – My Addiction

My Story 

A friend of mine suggested I create this blog for therapeutic reasons. She says it will help me get through the rough time I've been having. It never hurts to talk about your problems, you might even find someone who can relate. I've been addicted to sleeping pill 10 years, My ten year sleep is  basically … Continue reading My Story